Peer Review Process

Peer review should provide recommendation to assist authors enhancing their papers quality to publish and editor to decide editorial policy due to their expertise. The submitted manuscripts will be processed with double-blind peer review editorial before considered accept to publish.



Peer review should provide information to the editor about their willing in reviewing the manuscripts to publish. Whereas the peer review is unwilling, he/she should inform the editor.



The reviewed manuscripts are secret documents. Communication with other parties without authors consent is prohibited.


Objectivity Standard  

Peer review should follow the objectivity principle and avoid personal critics on the author in manuscripts review processing. All comments should include clear and constructing suggestion.  


Source Clarity 

Peer review is recommended to provide information to the authors on research, literature review, or relevant case study without citation, contain substantial similarity or overlap with reviewed manuscript.


Conflict of Interest

1. Peer review is not allowed to use unpublished manuscript material for personal interest without the author’s written consent.

2. The written information and ideas in reviewed manuscript is confidential and prohibited to disseminate and use for personal interest.

3. Whereas there is conflict of interest due to the reasons of competition, collaboration, or other relation with the authors, institutions, or company involving in publishing, peer review is not allowed to evaluate the related manuscript.


Blind Peer Review

Both the reviewer and authors identities are concealed from each other.